Unofficial Canvass Election Results

General Election Results

General Election - Saturday, May 4, 2019

The City of Lancaster is holding a General Election for the election of a Councilmember for District 1 and District 5.

For more information, please contact the City Secretary's Office at 972-218-1310 or Email.

Lancaster Independent School District Election

Lancaster Independent School District 

Upcoming Municipal Elections 

The term of office for the Mayor and Council members is 3 years. Upcoming elections:

2020 - Municipal Election for City Council Districts 2, 4, and 6

2020 - Municipal Election for Mayor

Qualifying for Office

Candidates for the office of Mayor and Council member must meet the following requirements:

Candidates must meet state requirements

Candidates must be qualified voter of the City of Lancaster

Candidate must have or will have resided in the City of Lancaster and the district (for council members) for a least 1 year immediately preceding the date of the municipal election.

Application, Forms, & Petition

The following must be completed by the candidate:

Application for a place on the ballot

Declaration of residency forms

Prescribed petition form with 25 valid signatures - the signers of the petition must be residents qualified to vote in the district in which the candidate is seeking office

Candidate Packet Availability

The City Secretary’s Office makes available a candidate’s packet to acquaint candidates with applicable requirements for the City’s election. The candidate’s packet is not required in order to prepare to run for municipal office and is provided as a tool to assist those interested in running for municipal office.

 For more information, contact the City Secretary's Office at 972-218-1310 or Email