FY 2016 - 2017 Goals & Objectives


Lancaster is a proud, vibrant city. We celebrate our diversity and history, preserve our natural beauty, and are the economic hub of the south DFW metroplex. Our citizens take pride in our city. The Lancaster community is the best place to live with excellent schools and educational opportunities, attractive corridors and neighborhoods. Our citizens enjoy convenient living.


Lancaster city government is financially sustainable and provides efficient customer-friendly services. Our citizens have trust and confidence in city government and leaders.
The City Council has adopted six goals aimed at guiding Lancaster’s future growth and development.

Financially Sound City Government
The City has a long-range financial plan and has prudent fiscal policies and processes in place. It has met or exceeded all fund reserve goals, has funds available to address the needs of the community, and responsibly manages its debts. The community continues to move toward a more competitive tax rate.  
Civic Engagement

The City provides a variety of opportunities for involvement through special events, boards and commissions, youth and parent volunteer opportunities in recreation, sport teams, City elections, Civic Academies, Schools and City-wide celebrations. 
Healthy, Safe and Vibrant Community

Lancaster is a place where we enhance public safety in our neighborhoods. The Community unites at city-wide events and participates in recreational and cultural activities that keep residents involved and engaged in their respective neighborhoods. Compassionate enforcement personnel help to sustain vibrant residential and business communities. All residents have access to parks and leisure facilities where they live.  
Professional and Committed City Workforce

Lancaster city government is an employer of choice with competitive pay that attracts an engaged, responsive, customer-oriented, innovative, and effective workforce. Some employees live in the City and all have a sense of ownership of the community. City employees feel needed and appreciated by elected officials, residents and businesses and are respectful to and appreciative of their customers and the City’s governing body. The City’s executive staff is engaged with residents and attends community events, upholds strong customer service, and uses technology to aid them in working smarter.

► Lancaster University – Establish a professional level training program for all levels of employees
 Continue Compensation Policy – Commit to get us to average of Survey Cities - Progression

Sound Infrastructure

The City has well-maintained streets and well-planned preventative maintenance programs for infrastructure; including streets, water, stormwater, wastewater and other assets.

► Infrastructure project - Pleasant Run Road Phases 1, 2 & 3 – 4
Complete Golf Course Assessment 
► Implement Facility and Infrastructure needs assessment for future Bond Issue
► Complete the Fleet Facility 
Quality Development

The City encourages high-quality construction in its housing, commercial buildings and public facilities. The City employs sustainable building practices and encourages conservation and the use of alternative energy sources. The City has a diverse housing stock with walkable neighborhoods and other high-quality neighborhood amenities. A diversity of commercial businesses includes corporate business parks and distribution facilities, which make use of the expanded airport, rail, and highway system. Retail areas have grown because of growth in industrial, commercial and residential development.

► Develop a “Land Bank” strategy for City property.
 Develop a plan to show developers the opportunities for building custom homes
► Create and implement a retail strategy so we are clear on what types of retail development the City wants to attract
Downtown TIF – Build a new City Hall 
► Complete Comprehensive Plan – Implementation Strategy
► Review Economic Development Policy
► Review existing Incentive Policy