Health and Fitness Advisory Committee

health and wellness

Lancaster, TX- The City of Lancaster Health and Fitness Advisory Committee is a coalition of business leaders, health professionals, city staff, and local residents that are committed to improving documented health disparities in Lancaster, TX. The committee utilizes research data from a Best Southwest BSW) Health Committee Survey completed by Parkland Health & Human Services, which documents health disparities in BSW cities. In the City of Lancaster, target areas include heart disease, pediatric asthma, and low birth weight. The committee meets monthly to create healthy community programming and events and to support and strengthen city wide health initiatives. Events include the It’s Time Texas Community Challenge. The challenge is a free statewide challenge that brings together and mobilizes community members, schools, businesses, organizations and mayors to see which communities can demonstrate the greatest commitment to lead a healthy life.

For information on joining the Health and Fitness Advisory Committee call 972-218-1300 or Email.