City Council Goals and Objectives FY 2022-2023

2022.2023 fy


Lancaster is the Shining Star of Texas with opportunities to prosper, live, learn, work and play.


The City of Lancaster partners with its community to deliver sustainable public services, preserving, protecting and enhancing the quality of life. 

Financially Sound Government:

The City has a long-range financial plan and prudent fiscal policies and processes. Appropriate reserve levels and a competitive tax rate ensure that the City has funds available to address the needs of the community and responsibly manage its debt.

  • Begin planning for future bond election.

Quality Development:

The City encourages high quality, diverse housing, commercial and retail development and public facilities. Policies encourage sustainable building practices, conservation and the use of alternative energy sources.

  • Continue implementation of development priorities including high-quality diverse housing, commercial and retail growth and small businesses.
  • Consider planning for a future City Hall
  • Continue focus on high priority areas including downtown, hospital and campus districts.

Healthy, Safe & Engaged Community:

Lancaster is a place where we embrace public safety and proactive code enforcement in our neighborhoods to sustain vibrant residential and business communities. The community celebrates unity and participates in citywide events, recreational and cultural activities. Residents have opportunities for involvement in civic life through boards and commissions, youth and parent volunteer opportunities in recreation, sports teams, City elections, and Civic Academies, Schools and City-wide celebrations.

  • Strengthen relationships with LISD.
  • Explore creation of a Public Engagement Committee.
  • Redesign the website for easier public access to information.
  • Upgrade code enforcement efforts.

Professional & Committed City Workforce:

Lancaster City Government is an employer of choice with competitive pay that attracts an engaged, responsive, customer-oriented, innovative, and effective workforce. Some employees live in the City and all have a sense of ownership for the community. City employees feel needed and appreciated by elected officials, residents, and businesses. Employees are respectful and appreciative of their customers and the City's governing body. The City Council and City's Executive Staff are engaged with residents and attends community events, upholds strong customer service, and uses technology to aid them in working smarter.

  • Provide competitive salaries.

Sound Infrastructure:

The City supports adequate and well-maintained municipal infrastructure to meet both current demands and future expansion needs.

  • Improve city signage (entry features, way-finding signs)
  • Identify potential funding for the installation and maintenance of neighborhood entrance markers.