Animal Services

About Animal Services

Animal Services is responsible for:
  • Capturing and housing animals found at large or abandoned
  • Enforcing city ordinances and state laws that pertain to the ownership, vaccination, housing, and care of animals within the city
  • Maintaining and promoting an adoption / rescue program
Animals are held at the shelter for 72 hours after impoundment. Any animal that is not redeemed by an owner may become available for adoption and/or may be transferred to an approved humane organization or animal rescue group.

There is no guarantee that an animal will go up for adoption. Evaluation of an animal for adoption can take up to several days.

We also hold animals for a variety of other reasons. Due to the nature of some of these situations, we cannot give out information as to why an animal is not available for adoption.

Veterinary Services

The City of Lancaster Animal Shelter does not provide medical attention to any animal. If your pet is sick, you will need to contact a veterinarian for assistance.

Helpful Numbers
  • Rogers Wildlife Rehab (Birds) 972-225-4000
  • Hutchins Shelter 972-225-2225
  • Wilmer Shelter 972-441-3222
  • Dallas County (Livestock Welfare) 214-819-2115
  • Dallas County Sheriff 972-225-6118
  • Dallas Snake Removal 214-974-0915
  • Home Again 888-466-3242
  • 24 Pet Watch 866-597-2424
  • AVID (9 Digits) 800-336-2843
  • City of Dallas (for rabies tags) 214-670-8246
  • AKC Reunite 800-252-7894