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What is Community Oriented Policing

Community Oriented Policing -

 is a value system which permeates a Police Department, in which the primary organizational goal is working cooperatively with individual citizens, groups of citizens, and both public and private organizations to identify and resolve issues which potentially effect the livability of specific neighborhoods, areas, or the city as a whole.

Initiatives to Achieve Community Oriented Policing

Lancaster Police & Outreach Community (LPOC) - 

collaborative efforts will set goals to proactively intervene with potential quality of life concerns within the City of Lancaster based on the necessity and/or demand of the community. The Lancaster Police Department has partnered with organizations such as Brighter Tomorrows, ARISE!, MADD, Hickory Trail Hospital, Victim Relief Ministries and Neighbors Keepers, and other intervention programs.

Victim Relief Ministry -

community partnership will heighten community neighbor’s keeper’s awareness and education to address crisis incidents, assist victims of crime and critical incident stress management.

Texas Police Chief Association Recognition -

The Law Enforcement Recognition Program is a voluntary process where police agencies in Texas prove their compliance with 164 Texas Law Enforcement Best Practices. These Best Practices were carefully developed by Texas Law Enforcement professionals to assist agencies in the efficient and effective delivery of service, the reduction of risk and the protection of individual’s rights. This program will effectively enhance the Departments credibility and reduce liability.

Victim Relief

Crime Mapping System

The Lancaster Police Department and BAIRAnalytics Inc. recently partnered to provide a new way for the public to stay informed about crime in Lancaster. The Lancaster Police Department now has an online crime map called LexisNexis that maps and analyzes crime data and alerts Lancaster citizens about crimes in their area.

Lancaster Police Department Webpage Features
The Lancaster Police Department has added several easy to use forms for our Citizens to report concerns about our community. Please view the Community Concerns page which allows you to report traffic concerns or request close patrols, and give anonymous tips concerning our city. These forms can also be completed using a Mobile Electronic Device or Cellular Telephone with ease.