Notice of Violation

Violation Notices
Code compliance officers conduct daily routine surveys of specific areas of the city to record the various code violations. Our process of notification regarding a violation is to send a violation notice to the property owner of record by mail. The Notice of Violation describes the particular code violation and states the time limit to resolve the violation. The standard time given to resolve a code violation is 10 days from the date the notice was sent.

Follow-Up Inspections
The code officer schedules a follow-up inspection of the address to determine compliance by the property owner of record. If the violation is resolved, the code officer closes the case. If the violation still remains 10 days after the date of the violation notice, the appropriate action is determined to resolve the violation.

The areas of resolution range from hiring a contractor to resolve the violation and billing the property owner for all costs incurred to writing a citation to appear before the municipal court judge to discuss the case in-depth.

Multiple Violations
City ordinance allows only 1 violation notice to be sent yearly for the same violation. If another violation occurs during the same calendar year, the violation will be abated and the cost billed to the property owner of record.