Neighborhood Associations & PIDS

Starting a Neighborhood Association

The City of Lancaster Community Relations Division helps residents start neighborhood associations to represent their area and foster a spirit of community. A neighborhood association is a group of homeowners, renters, apartment dwellers, and representatives from businesses, churches, and schools who organize to improve conditions in their neighborhood. Each member is allowed to express an opinion and is eligible to vote on all neighborhood issues. There are 2 types of neighborhood associations: Homeowner Associations and Public Improvement Districts.


A neighborhood association can be started by developing a core group of 3 or 4 neighbors interested in organizing one.


Neighborhood associations plan projects and activities that are beneficial to the area, and provide a forum for discussion of local and citywide issues. A partnership can be established with the city to help maintain neighborhood standards. Neighborhood associations help residents stay informed on city policies and procedures, and provides residents with an open forum to discuss issues. Determined neighborhood associations can rehabilitate housing stock, affect development plans and help ensure safety on Lancaster streets.

Neighborhood associations have participated in the following activities and projects:

  • Block parties
  • Community gardens
  • Crime prevention initiatives
  • Directories and telephone trees
  • Holiday celebrations / pot luck dinners
  • Home tours
  • Leadership projects
  • Murals / art projects
  • Neighborhood cleanups
  • Newsletters
  • Paint / Fix-up projects
  • Park developments
  • Picnics / concerts
  • Scholarship programs
  • School supply drives
  • Security lighting projects
  • Street improvements
  • Tree plantings
  • Yard-of-the-month programs
  • Youth activities