Alarm Permits

Protecting Your Property

In accordance with Lancaster Ordinance #2007-02-05, Chapter 4, if you have an alarm system in the City of Lancaster, it must be registered with the city beginning April 1, 2007. It is the alarm owner’s responsibility to prevent false alarms and to ensure that all users of the system are trained in the use of the system. Additionally, it is the alarm owner’s responsibility to notify the City of Lancaster of any changes to their alarm services or address.


Registration is $50 annually for residential permits, and $100 annually for commercial permits. For seniors (65) or older, $0, for residential permits only. Seniors will be required to register annually but are exempt from registration fees, (To qualify for the exemption, the permit holder must be listed as the property owner or lessee and must have the alarm contract in their name.)

Obtain a Permit

Permits may be obtained by completing the proper application (link below) and submitting the completed application with payment at the police station located at 1650 N. Dallas Avenue Applications must be turned in to Records Monday through Friday 8am-5pm. Completed applications with payment (check or money order only) may also be mailed to the Records Division of the Police Department.

Residential Alarm Permit Application

The alarm permit grants the holder 3 false alarms in any 12-month period. Additional false alarms or operating an alarm system without a permit may subject the owner / operator to a fine.