My car has been impounded. What should I do?
Vehicles are stored at 24-Hour Wrecker's impound facility. If you are the registered owner, you can go directly to the pound and show them proof of ownership in the form of a registration or title.

If you are not the registered owner, you can come by the Police Department 24/7 to obtain a release. You must show a valid drivers license and proof of insurance, and you will need to show an authorization from the registered owner to release the vehicle to you.

In cases where the owner is in a jail, that jail will have to be contacted and may be able to assist in getting a release signed.

A supervisor will check to ensure that all of the paperwork is satisfactory and will then authorize the vehicle release. At that time, you can go to the auto pound at 616 N. Jefferson and pay the fees.

24-Hour Wrecker can be contacted at (972) 227-5188.

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