Recognizing Accomplishments

Recognize Accomplishments
As a leader of a neighborhood association, it is important to recognize the accomplishments of the members of your association individually and as a team. Some of your accomplishments might include:
  • Checking on a home-bound neighbor
  • Conducting a neighborhood-wide survey
  • Creating a welcome wagon for new neighbors
  • Getting good publicity in the paper about your neighborhood
  • Getting to know more neighbors
  • Planning a social event for the neighborhood
  • Producing a neighborhood newsletter
  • Recruiting more people to join the team
Ideas for Honoring Volunteers
Volunteers make the neighborhood association a success. Appreciate whatever level of commitment a volunteer can make. Some volunteers may have more time to get involved than others. Recognizing the efforts of all volunteers is important. Here are some suggestions for thanking them. Add your own creative ideas.
  • Greet by name
  • Promote a volunteer-of-the-month program
  • Say we missed you
  • Send a card
  • Smile
  • Take time to talk
  • Treat to a soda or coffee