Lancaster Economic Development Corporation Incentives

Since the passage of the quarter-cent sales tax economic development in 1995, Lancaster has set aside incentive funds to be utilized in the attraction of new business and the growth of the job and commercial tax base in Lancaster. This process is governed by a City Council-appointed Board of Directors of the Lancaster Economic Development Corporation. The purpose of the board is to review incentive requests and make recommendations to the Lancaster City Council. If you are interested in receiving incentives, please fill out our online incentive request form. 


Economic development incentive funds may be used to assist an eligible project with:
  • Building construction
  • Infrastructure improvements
  • Reimbursement of development and related fees associated with projects involving building construction and infrastructure improvements

Project Requirements

Each project being considered must provide:
  • Increased property and / or sales tax revenue
  • Job creation
  • Value-added capital investment

Decisions & Ratification

All projects being considered must meet minimum value-added thresholds. All in-house evaluation and cost-benefit analysis of the project will be conducted to determine if the project is eligible for consideration and what incentive might be offered. Additional information may be required to consider any financial incentive. Board-approved incentives are subject to City Council ratification. It is essential that written incentive requests be made and acted on by the LEDC Board and the City Council prior to the start of construction.

Hotel Incentives

Rebate incentives are offered for hotels until October 1st, 2020. Get more information here.

City of Lancaster Tax Incentive Policy

The City of Lancaster offers property-tax reductions for qualified projects. A graduated scale based on the value-added investment of the proposed project is utilized to determine the amount and term of the tax reduction. 

Triple Freeport Exemption

Businesses that expand or relocate into the community can qualify for Freeport exemption. This affords the business a property tax exemption on inventory kept in the facility less than 175 days.


The City of Lancaster has partnered with area institutions of higher education to offer training for employees in a variety of fields.