The Water Department is responsible for the maintenance and operations of the water distribution. These include ground and elevated storage facilities, water pumping stations and water distribution mains within the City. This division is also responsible for fire hydrant repairs, performs water meter reading, and meter maintenance on all customer water services throughout the City.

Water is Life Use It Wisely
The cost of providing adequate water supplies and treating wastewater is rapidly increasing. Cities spend billions each year to upgrade facilities and pipelines in both water and wastewater just to meet the demands of growing populations. To minimize future water problems and rising costs in the form of a utility bill, it is up to us to make more efficient use of this natural resource. Report A Problem
To report a water main break, Industrial Pre-treatment, Backflow Prevention or general questions regarding the water system, please contact the Water Utility office, located at 1999 N. Jefferson or call 972-275-1752, between the hours of 7 am and 5 p.m..

Report A Problem After Hours
To report a water main break after hours, please contact the Lancaster Police Department's non-emergency number at 972-218-2711.