The below listed questions and answers are most commonly asked by citizens when conducting a canine demonstration. After a demonstration has been performed, a canine handler will address any questions the audience may have

Top Ten Canine Questions

 1. Where does the police dog stay when he is not working?

Kira stays with her handler’s family. It is the responsibility of the canine handler to care for the dog 24-hours a day.

 2. Can Kira do any tricks?

Kira is not trained to do tricks. Her training pertains to the functions required as a working service dog.

3. What breed of dog is used for canine work?

Most of the police canines are German Shepherds. The Lancaster Police Department currently has 1 dog. Kira is a purebred German Shepherd. This breed of dog is a working breed which has the proper drive and temperament to complete the tasks assigned.

4. What happens to the dog when it gets too old to work?

In most cases, the dog is retired and given to the handler to keep as part of the family.

5. How much does it cost to purchase a canine dog?

The price varies, but normally the cost exceeds $5000 per dog. The dog has minimal training when it is purchased and must go through extensive training at an accredited training facility.

6. How do you become a canine handler?

Ideally, applicants will have experience with large working breed dogs, be in good physical condition and works well with the community.

7. How long do the Canine Handlers and their dogs train?

Initially, the handlers and their dogs train approximately 4-8 weeks at an accredited training facility. The canine team then continuously trains to keep them sharp, both at the Police Station and out in the field while on duty.

8. How many years can a canine dog work?

Depending on their physical health, most canines are able to work an average of 10 years. Some dogs remain very healthy and are able to work beyond that point.

9. What do you feed the dogs and how much do they weigh?

The dogs are fed dry dog food just like your pets at home. Their weight varies depending on the breed, but German Shepherds are the largest and generally weigh about 80-100 lbs.

10. Do the dogs bite?

YES - ALL dogs bite! Never approach any dog without the owner’s permission.