Police Department


100 Craig Shaw Memorial Pkwy
Lancaster, TX 75134



Command Staff 

Name Title Email Phone
Beesley, Janet Lieutenant 972-218-2772
Brown, Doris Lieutenant 972-218-2717
Clark, Derek Lieutenant 972-218-2733
Fine, Michael Lieutenant 972-218-2725
Thompson, Nathaniel Lieutenant 972-218-2775

Executive Staff 

Name Title Email Phone
Miller, Charley Assistant Chief of Support Services 972-218-2735
Talton, Marcus Assistant Chief of Police 972-218-2724
Urbanski, Samuel Chief of Police 972-218-2729

Public Safety Officers 

Name Title Email Phone
Guidry, Tony Public Safety Officer 972-218-2759
Jones, Chafney Public Safety Officer 972-218-2734
Petrone, Christine Public Safety Officer 972-218-2722
Wigzell, Ann Public Safety Officer 972-218-2721

Support Personnel 

Name Title Email Phone
Alexander, Erick Property & Evidence Technician 972-218-2713
Martin, John Records Supervisor 972-218-2703
Neal, Bobbie CID Tech 972-218-2723