What does Code Compliance do?
The Code Compliance Division is responsible for the inspection of public or private premises for the purpose of identifying environmental hazards including fire or health hazards, nuisance violations, unsafe building conditions and violations of any fire, health or building regulation, statute or ordinance and improving and rehabbing those premises. Inspections are completed and notices sent to the proper person, the notices allow for a reasonable period of time to make any correction to the property. The Code Officer will follow-up to determine if there is any further action required, such as hiring a contractor to correct the problem, or issuing a citation to Municipal Court. In many cases several attempts to communicate with the person in control of the property are made before further action is taken. The Code Division is committed to helping the residents in understanding the ordinances and the violations and how they effect the community. The Code Division regularly attends Homeowner Association meetings and Town Hall meetings to help educate the residents on the codes and regulations in the City.

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1. What does Code Compliance do?
2. What violations does Code typically look for?
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