Litter is Bitter!

Do you see Litter around your neighborhood? Litter is bitter and unpleasing to look at. It lowers the value of our community while disrupting our environment. The city encourages residents to throw away their trash in their respective places, and not in the roads or the grounds we walk on. 

Be a Community Hero

A community hero is someoLitter is Bitter New Flyer (Instagram Post (Square))ne who helps keep the community and environment clean as well as going out their way to maintain the beauty of Lancaster. A community hero can be anyone!

Enter our Community Hero Contest! Be a #LancasterTXCommunityHero!

Chosen Community Heroes will be given city swag, a shoutout in our Lancaster newsletters, social media platforms, and website! 

To be eligible to win, take a before & after picture of a littered area that you’ve cleaned and post it on social media with #LancasterTXCommunityHero.

Take a selfie of you taking ownership of your community and neighborhood!

Litter is Bitter, Put Waste in The Right Place!