The Adopt-a-Spot Program is a joint effort between our city government and residents to keep our right-of-ways and neighborhoods clean and beautiful. This program allows our residents, businesses, clubs and organizations to express their pride and commitment to the community, while providing them with signage recognition for their time and efforts spent beautifying the City of Lancaster.

Agreement Conditions

  • Adopters will adopt a section within the city limits to be determined by agreement of the Adopters and the City of Lancaster, according to the age of the group members and area to be adopted.
  • The Adopters will appoint or select a member to serve as spokesperson/contact person for the group if there is more than 1 individual adopting the area.

Adoption Time Period

  • The Adopters will agree to a minimum of a 1 year agreement, renewable upon approval.

Litter Pick-Up

  • Litter pick up will be at a minimum of 1 time per month during the 1 year adoption period. One of the pick-ups must occur on the City of Lancaster’s Annual Trash-Off.
  • The City of Lancaster will be responsible for supplying trash bags for the group in the clean up of their adopted area.
  • The City of Lancaster will pick up and dispose of the trash bags filled by the Adopters after they complete each clean up.
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