Police Officer Physical Fitness

Upon successful completion of the written test the applicant must perform a physical fitness evaluation. Each event is the same regardless of your age or gender. Each event must be passed to go on to the next event. Failure of any one event will result in failure of the physical fitness evaluation.  


EVENT 1 - Vertical Jump (16 inch)

Vertical Jump 1
Vertical Jump 2  Vertical Jump 3 

*Applicants must be able to jump 16 inches from a stand still position.
EVENT 2 - Bench Press 65% of your body weight (max 150 lbs.)

Bench Press 1
Bench Press 2  Bench Press 3

*Applicants must use correct form (feet on floor with back flat against bench)
EVENT 3 - Sit Ups  33 (one minute time limit)

Sit Ups 1
Sit Ups 2
Sit Ups 3

*Applicants must use correct form (hands cupping the ears with knees bent, elbows must break the plane of the knees).
EVENT 4 - Push Ups 25 (no time limit)

Push Ups 1
Push Ups 2
Push Ups 3 

*Applicants must use correct form (back and legs straight with arms bending parallel to the back) Applicants must rest in the up position.
EVENT 5 - Agility Run 18.9 seconds

Agility Run 1
Agility Run 2
Agility Run 3 

*Applicants must sprint around cones on a course consisting of a little over 60 yards. Applicants start in the prone position.
EVENT 6 - Obstacle Course completion (no time limit)

Obsticle Course 1
Obsticle Course 2  Obsticle Course 3
Obsticle Course 4
Obsticle Course 5
Obsticle Course 6
Obsticle Course 7
Obsticle Course 8
Obsticle Course 9

*Applicants must run a small obstacle course consisting of: a sprint, a cone run, a 6 foot and (2) 4 foot wood fences, and drag a 170 pound dummy.

EVENT 7 - 300 Meter sprint 68.1 seconds

*Applicants must run 300 meters in under 68.1 seconds.

 EVENT 8 - 1.5 Mile Run 16 minutes 48 seconds

*Applicants must run 1.5 miles in under 16 minutes 48 seconds.