Police Officer Physical Fitness

Fitness Requirements for Lancaster Police Officers and Recruits

All Police Officer applicants who pass the written portion of the entrance exam are  required to pass the Department’s physical readiness test in order to continue in the application process.

The minimum standard for all new applicants is passing the physical readiness test at the 25% according to their age, weight, and gender.

The physical readiness test is pass/ fail.

All applicants must pass the entrance physical readiness test on the Concept2 Rower at damper setting at level five

The Department’s physical readiness test consists of rowing 2000 meters on a Concept2 Rower. Use the calculator below to find your minimum standard at the 25% and also calculate and train for a higher percentage to be competitive.

Concept 2 Rower Photo 2
Concept 2 Rower Photo 1
Concept 2 Rower Photo 3

How to Calculate the V02Max for the Concept2 Rower

Gender: Male or Female
Age: 20 to 60+
Weight: in Pounds (lbs)
Convert lbs to Kilograms (kgs): lbs x 0.45359237 = kgs
Get Target VO2Max: V02Max x Percentage
Get VO2Max from chart based on Gender and Age and multiply be the percentage rate for passing (DPS minimum is .50)
Get Target Time: (((Target VO2Max x My kgs)/1000) - Male Constraint)/Male Denominator
Take the Target V02Max multiplied by weight in kgs, then divide by 1000, then subtract (gender) Constraint, then divide by (Gender) Denominator to get the target time
Results: The Minimum Requirements based on your age, gender & weight.
Factors #s
Male Denominator -0.9
Male Constraint 10.7
Female Denominator -0.93
Female Constraint 10.26
V02Max Chart #s
Female Age 20-29 VO2Max=33
Female Age 30-39 VO2Max=30
Female Age 40-49 VO2Max=27
Female Age 50-59 VO2Max=24
Female Age 60+ VO2Max=23
Male Age 20-29 VO2Max=53
Male Age 30-39 VO2Max=50
Male Age 40-49 VO2Max=45
Male Age 50-59 VO2Max=43
Male Age 60+ VO2Max=41