Anonymous Tip

Anonymous Tip
Law Enforcement Agencies have used Anonymous Tips for several years to solve open crimes, gather information about known gang members, and locate narcotics operations. Law Enforcement Agencies use these tips as they understand that citizens are sometimes afraid of retaliation by the suspects, family, or other members of the community. Anonymous Tips can sometimes also help lead to prosecutions of suspects.

The Lancaster Police Department understands that sometimes members of the community may have information or details about a criminal investigation in which they are afraid to openly give to Officers. The Lancaster Police Department now provides an online form for citizens to either report details about a crime that police are investigating or details about a suspect in our community that citizens believe the Lancaster Police Department should know about.

Once a form has been filled out it will be sent to the Criminal Investigation Division at which point Detectives will review the information and determine how and when to follow up on the lead. This form can/should be completed if you have details or information about an open criminal investigation in the community, known gang member in the community, or possible narcotics activity.

Please only use this form for information concerning events or suspects that have occurred or reside in the City of Lancaster. Please refrain from using PERSONAL opinions and only use Factual information. Remember Do not Use any information that may give away your identity and if the matter is an Emergency Dial 911!

To submit a tip use the Anonymous Tip Form.