Rental Registration

The city recognizes a need for an organized inspection program of residential rental properties within the city to meet city and state life safety, health, fire, and zoning codes and to provide a more efficient system for compelling both absentee and local landlords to correct violations and to maintain, in proper condition. The city recognizes that the most efficient system to provide for rental inspections is the creation of a program requiring registration and issuance of a certificate of occupancy for all single-family rental properties within the city so that orderly inspections can be made. A copy of the residential rental property regulations can be found here and you can download a rental property application form here.

Registration requirements

No person shall hereafter occupy or allow to be occupied any residential rental property within the city for which registration has not been completed and filed with the department of building inspections.

Change in Tenancy

When a rental residence is vacated by the tenant, the owner or landlord must apply for and receive a certificate of occupancy from the building official prior to the property being occupied by a new tenant. The building official or his designated representative will inspect the property and premises for compliance with this code, the International Property Maintenance Code, International Building Codes and other applicable ordinances of the city. If deficiencies are found the building official may prohibit occupancy of the residence and premises until such time as the owner takes action needed to bring the residence and premises into compliance. The inspection required by this section shall also apply to all dwelling units and premises prior to its original occupancy as a rental property

Inspection required

All single-family rental properties offered for rent or lease shall be inspected upon any change of tenancy according to the rental property checklist, of the adopted building and maintenance code requirements for site grading and drainage, property sanitation, sidewalks and driveways, accessory structure, pools, hot tubs, spas, extermination, exterior building conditions, interior building conditions, plumbing systems, water systems, sanitary drainage, mechanical equipment, combustion air, electrical hazards, smoke detectors, and security devices, as adopted by this code.

Certificate issued

When the building official determines that a rental property and premises are in compliance with the provisions of this and other applicable codes, the building official shall issue a certificate of occupancy.